Hundreds of New Orleans residents trying to survive Katrina were criminalized, arrested and jailed for the charge of 'looting.' Prisoners were abandoned in flooded cells for days, while those able to escape their cells were held at gunpoint on an overpass without food or water. Prisoners who've never even been convicted of anything, whose cases and records have been lost, who've posted bail, and those whose release dates have past are still being held illegally. Poorer residents returning to their homes are being arrested for curfew violations and coerced into guilty pleas without due process, lawyers or phone calls and used to clean out the now toxic Orleans Parish Prison... [read more]

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Testimonies gathered by
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Statement from Evacuee of
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Post-Katrina Status of Prisoners & Policing (Critical Resistance)

Louisiana Leads the Nation and the World in Lock Up (Justice Policy Institute)

Prisoner and Jail Releases: A normal part of our system (Justice Policy Institute)


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Amnesty for Prisoners of Katrina:
A Weekend of Reconciliation and Respect for Human Rights

The following organizations participated in our press conference and call for an investigation, or have endorsed our campaign:

ACLU of New Orleans
Communities United for Action, Power & Justice
Friends& Families of Louisiana's Incarcerated Children
Human Rights Watch
The Justice Center
NAACP Legal Defense Fund
Southern Center for Human Rights