A project by Ashley Hunt and Taisha Paggett, made in collaboration with members of the Youth Art Board of the Hyde Park Art Center


Feel free to take of your shoes, jacket and put down your purse.

Feel Free to warm up.

Look for instructions, direct and indirect.

Signs throughout this path provide instructions and an apparatus for an action.

There is a constellation of possibilities between the name, the steps, and your response.

Look for footprints.

There is no place from which to LOOK AT this artwork, it is only artwork when you activate it.

Start at the beginning, the middle or end.


Par Course A and Par Course B: Labor Questions, come out of the research project, "On Movement, Thought and Politics," and includes the following projects:
"On Movement, Thought and Politics: Garment Workers, L.A.," "Undeliverable Address," and "Engagement"
Ashley HuntTaisha PaggettOn Movement Thought and Politics