is an ongoing body of work centered around the institution of the prison, as it helps to structure and preserve relations of today's society — racially, economically and in terms of how power is shared.

Images on the left provide links to the project's website, as well as to documentation of the project's first installation as a whole body of work, as a video archive with take-away posters in an exhibition at the Nottingham Contemporary. The exhibition was titled, "The Impossible Prison," curated by Alex Farquharson in the fall of 2008. This exhibition was held in a former jail in the city of Nottingham, and the Correction Project was installed as a counter-display across from a "history of policing" exhibit in the jail's yard, which can be seen in the documentation across from the monitors. Among other things, the exhibition included a selections of documents, images and texts from prison activism group that Michel Foucault helped to start with Daniel Deferre, the Prison Information Group (Groupe d'Information sur les Prisons).