Our attention has recently been drawn to an opportunity to address the White House
an invitation to participate from Taisha Paggett and Ashley Hunt




While brainstorming ideas for this show, we were interested in opening up a space to engage how the diversity of people we know are living their lives, asking: what are people’s concerns as artists, producers, parents, educators, citizens, children, workers, organizers, activists, etc? What are people thinking, making and doing? How are they getting by, financially, emotionally or otherwise, within this particular moment?


We were also interested in the kinds of language we have to express such matters—whether the ways we are accustomed to describing our lives really do express what we hope them to. And if so, is such language compatible with political expression, allowing what we mean to say to enter into the decisions and processes which determine how we live?


During some late night web searching, we noticed that at http://www.whitehouse.gov/interactive, one can “Submit a Question” to the White House, with the possibility of having it posted to the official White House webpage, answered by the likes of John Snow, Alberto Gonzales, and other Cabinet and staff members (which we should point out happens rarely).


Thinking that some people would treat such an opportunity earnestly, others as futile and ridiculous, we decided to use “Submitting a Question to the White House” as a structure through which people address the questions we have for them (how are you living your life…).






We would like to ask you to submit a question to the White House and then share that question with us, for inclusion in an archive of questions which will make up an exhibition at Crazy Space Gallery in Santa Monica, California, to open September 10th, 2005.


We have no intention of directing what you formulate as your question, but for the sake of this project, we would at least like to share with you the following thoughts to more clearly outline our interests:








With this said, we’re hoping that you can respond to this email as to your interest in participating as soon as is possible. We will then need your final question as submitted to the White House by Sunday, August 28th. The final questions will be organized in the gallery for a two week period in some yet to be determined, terribly interesting manner, and possibly printed in a short booklet.



We look forward to hearing back from you,


Taisha Paggett and Ashley Hunt