Directed/Produced by
The Corrections Documentary Project
2004 / 29 minutes

THE CRITICAL RESISTANCE SOUTH CONFERENCE is a document of this important organizing event, in which thousands of people faced with the problems of mass incarceration throughout the Southern U.S. came together to connect their isolated struggles and begin a conversation.

So many groups dealing with prisons feel like they're working alone in the world, when in every city and every state (and in most any country) there are people organizing to fight the disappearance of community members and families into prisons, against torture and abuse, to keep families together, to fight state violence, and to try to find real solutions to problems of harm and violence in communities that do not bring more violence to bare in the process. This video documents many such people coming together to form their experiences and struggles into a more coherent, connected and informed discourse.

Based around the opening night and cultural events, it takes viewers throughout various workshops and discussions, and to the weekend's final event, a Mardi Gras style parade throughout New Orleans' streets. links:

Critical Resistance