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“Politics of Vision in the Carceral State: Legibility and Looking in Hostile Territory” | link
Oxford Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Oct 2017

Public Servants: Art and the Crisis of the Common Good | link
Statement on the role of the state in art with artist’s portfolio, Eds. Johanna Burton, Shannon Jackson and and Dominic Willsdon, New Museum/MIT Press, 2016

“A Fortification of Race” (republished), in Social Medium: Artists Writing, 2000-2015 | link
Edited by Jennifer Liese

School for the Movement of the The Technicolor People | download
Exhibition and Course Catalogue for the School’s residency at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, 2015

Interview with Ashley Hunt and taisha paggett | dowload
Native Strategies, Issue 4: “Dispersions,” eds. Brian Getnick and Tanya Rubbak, 2014

“Anywhere and Everywhere: Translating Captivity” | download
Exhibition Catalogue, To Shoot a Kite, curated by Yaelle Amir, Cue Art Foundation, 2014

“Hopscotching, Traipsing and Waving in Passing: The Weak Ties of the Networked Art World and the Loss of Criteria” | link
Review of Your Everyday Art World, by Lane Relyea, MIT Press, Cambridge, 2013
X-tra Contemporary Art Quarterly, Summer 2014, Vol 16, No 4, 2014

“Dictatorship of an Audience” | download
The Second World Congress of Free Artists, ed. Camel Collective (Carla Herrera-Prats and Anthony Graves), 2013

“What Goes Into the World: Treacherous Teachery and Arting and Art School” | download
Written with Malene Dam
Shifter, No 20: What We Can Knot, 2013

“Notes on ‘Notes on the Emptying of a City’: An Interview with Ashley Hunt” | link
Fringe Arts, Blog, 2012

“Notes on the Emptying of a City” | link
Book based upon the script and imagery of the performance of the same name
Volume 2 in VCFA Talks series, Vermont College of Fine Arts, Montpelier, 2012
Developed from a text originally published in The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest, Issue 5, Vol 1, 2007

“Dear Artists: an Open Letter on the Occupy Movement” | download
Published in Broken English, eds. Julieta Aranda and Carlos Motta, in connection with Performa Biennial 2011

“Theater of Scarcity” | website
Published in itch journal, No. 12: Com(petition) The Big Throw Down, 2011

“Social Practice Art’s Identity Crisis: Ashley Hunt Interviewed by Abigail Satinsky” | website
Published Online, on Bad at Sports, Contemporary Art Talk, 2011

“But you, you’re not cinema. (Sorry I have to tell you this)” | website
co-authored with Katya Sander
Published in Chto Delta (What is To Be Done?) Special Issue: “Make Films Politically,” 2007

“Anywhere/Everywhere: a Translation of Captivity” | download
Exhibition Catalogue, Crime and Punishment, Kunsthalle Tallinn, 2007

“Representations of the Erased” | download
A conversation with Natascha Sadr Haghighian
Exhibition Catalogue, No Matter How Bright the Light, the Crossing Occurs at Night, curated by Anselm Franke, Kunst-Werke, 2006
Re-published in On Knowledge Production: A Critical Reader in Contemporary ArtEds. Maria HlavajovaJill WinderBinna Choi, 2008

“The Disappearing/Reappearing Prison” | download
Art Journal, Vol. 66, Issue 3, 2007, pp. 68-73

“A Fortification of Race” | download
Re-Thinking Marxism, Volume 18, Number 3, 2006

“Working” | download: round 1 • round 2 • round 3 • round 4 • round 5 • round 6 • round 7
A seven round conversation between nine artists: Andrea Geyer, Sharon Hayes, Ashley Hunt, Maryam Jafri, Kara Lynch, Ulrike Müller, David Thorne & Alex Villar
Published in Artwurl webzine, 2004–5

“Temporary Public Spaces” download
The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest, Issue 4, Vol 1, 2005

“The Corrections Study Guide”
Written as part of the Corrections Documentary Project, a popular education tool on the mass incarceration
Download PDF chapters:
chapter 1chapter 2chapter 3

“360 Degrees of Criminal Justice: Documentary, Method & Law” | download
A critical essay on the 360 Degrees Web Project published in Sandbox Magazine

“Revolutions per Minute”
Written by Katya Sander & Ashley Hunt
Published in Surroundings Surrounded, ed. Olafur Eliasson

“Disappearing Dissent: Prison Time, Radicality & Structural Violence”
Paper delivered in 2002, at “Radical Time” symposium
UCLA Department of Fine Arts, Los Angeles, CA

“On Prison Architecture: Disappearance/Reappearance”
Paper delivered in 2000, at “Sites of Collective Memory” symposium
Whitney Independent Studio Program, New York, NY
Later developed into “The Disappearing/Reappearing Prison,” 2007 (above)