Free Newspapers


“Hostile Territory: Between Inside and Out”

Many of Hunt’s works are accompanied by a free newspaper, each available for download below. He began this with Degrees of Visibility, where each exhibition is offered to local community organizations as a platform for their own work (for workshops, campaign events, public or political education, etc.), including the production of a free newspaper extends that conversation into a free takeaway. They are typically based upon a conversation with locally-based activists, organizers, artists, educators or other stakeholders on issues of the work as they manifest locally, and they are available for free takeaway at each show.




Download Links:

Hostile Territory: Between Inside and Out
Turn This Upside Down

Abolish the University
A Whole Lot of Talent and a Whole Lot of Resources
Carceral Geographies of Southern California
Bourbon, Basketball and Horse Racing
Weak, False and Full of Holes
4 Directions of Allensworth
Postscript on ‘Ashes Ashes’