An Interview with Curtis Muhammad

A part of the Corrections Documentary Project

In 2003, Ashley Hunt interviewed Curtis Muhammad for another piece, Organizing Critical Resistance South, as his union, UNITE in New Orleans, was supporting the conference organizing. By itself however, the interview he gave us was so compelling that I realized it needed it’s own platform.

The result is this 17–minute conversation, where what begins as a simple dialogue on why a labor union for textile workers would support an anti-prison conference expands into a eloquent analysis of how globalization affects jobs and economy, how capital flight frames crime policy, and how race, gender and class prejudice the vision and potential of the Left.

Mr. Muhammad is currently an integral part of the leadership of the People’s Hurricane Fund, working for a fair and just rebuilding of New Orleans and the areas affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Special thanks to: Melissa Burch and Curtis Muhammad

18 minutes/2005