Close Tallulah Now!

A part of the Corrections Documentary Project

The second of two videos dealing with a campaign to shut down the notorious Tallulah youth prison in Northern Louisiana, Close Tallulah Now! follows a growing movement of parents, community and advocates through public hearings where bereaved parents get the rare chance to spell out their frustrations to law makers and demand a prison be closed.

But as we watch the lead up to these hearings and go through them with the parents, we also witness the disconnect between the needs, tragedies and demands of communities and the contrary priorities of the politicians who are supposed to represent them.

A compelling mix of frustration and inspiration, Close Tallulah Now! gives an important window onto how people take their demands to the state and try to make them matter.

Special thanks to: Grace Bauer, Avis Brock, Gina Womack, Senator Donald Cravins, Christian Hunt, David Utter & The Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana, Flora Watson, Brice White

2003 / 25 Minutes