Lockdowns Up

A part of the Corrections Documentary Project

It shows you how perverse the incentives are within this industry: crime is up is good for us, recessions are good for us, the worse things are the better business gets…
Judith Greene, Justice Strategies

What is the relationship between the “War on Terror” and the interests behind the growing U.S. prison industry? What have the events of September 11th meant for the already booming prison system? In addition to “correctional” agencies and corporations, who else is profitting from massive increases in incarceration and what other forms could that take?

Lockdowns Up is a nine minute video essay based upon the optimistic stock projections announced to Wall Street stock analysts by a private prison company, when Cornell Company made public its hopes that private prison companies may get fat government contracts to build interment camps for Arab Americans.

Issues touched upon: the War on Terror, the Patriot Act, the criminalization of immigrants and the booming of border control bureaucracies and companies, the Feds’ “bailout” of the private prison industry, the U.S.’ Internment Camps from World War II.

Special thank you to Judith Greene

2002 / 9 Minutes

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