And Water Brings Tomorrow (Fall ‘24)

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The third in Ashley Hunt’s film cycle on closed and closing prisons, the forthcoming And Water Brings Tomorrow is a meditation on political grief and possibility, following community efforts to close prisons and survey closed sites around the U.S.

Following Hunt’s  Ashes Ashes (2020) and Double Time (2022), And Water Brings Tomorrow follows the Close California Prisons Campaign of the CURB coalition, an interfaith pilgrimage to close down immigrant detention centers in the Southwest, and an effort to halt the building of a new prison in rural Appalachia. Between portraits of prisons that have become museums, restorative justice centers, tourism hubs and anonymous ruins, themes of grief, climate and water are woven throughout to consider what is either reckoned or erased in each prison’s repurposing.

With a release date planded for Fall 2024, we are raising money to fund a grassroots tour of the film for community organizations dealing with prison closures around the U.S. Please consider contributing something to this campaign if you can by clicking here.

And Water Brings Tomorrow is funded in part by the Art for Justice Fund of the Ford Foundation, and the Visualizing Abolition platform of UC Santa Cruz’ Institute for Arts and Science.